To Paint or not to Paint?

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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 27 1/2" x 27 1/2"
  Edition size: 175
  Numbered Proofs: 37
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 25
  Total Edition size: 237
  Number of colors: 17
  Year printed: 1988
  Atelier: Arts-Litho, Paris
  Current Price: $ 795
The original painting To Paint or not to Paint? was done in 1980 and is still considered one of Authouart's most important works.
In this self-portrait, we see Authouart sitting in front of a newly finished canvas. The painting shows a representation of the world and all it's craziness condensed into a David Hockney swimming pool. We see a pedal boat named L'espoir (hope)... with a machine gun mounted on the pontoon! In the boat are Chilean dictator Pinochet and the ailing Breshnev in front of the Pope and a naked woman. A soldier has just killed while a photographer takes a photo but does nothing to help the victim - a comment on journalism? A black man seemingly struggles just to stay afloat in this pool that is predominantly white.
In the right rear of the enclosure are the political prisoners of the world. "Allah is great" is proclaimed by the airplane towed banner. In the left rear, Toulouse-Lautrec records the world in sketches as he did in his own time. The works of Lautrec and Hockney have been very influential on Authouart.
At the front of the pool, Authouart's youngest daughter (at the time), Marie, is contemplating immersing herself in the world. While Marie is still young, we can see her older sister, at the far end of the pool, plunging in feet first. She no longer has a choice.
At Authouart's feet, a newspaper, le Quotdien (the daily), proclaims "Danger!" - a warning to all those entering the pool. Authouart wonders; The entire world is crazy - am I crazy, too?

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