Route 66

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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 23 1/2" x 30 1/4"
  Edition size: 175
  Numbered Proofs: 37
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 25
  Total Edition size: 237
  Number of colors: 15
  Year printed: 1993
  Atelier: Arts-Litho, Paris
  Current Price: $ 3000 Last price on secondary mkt.
Once more Authouart has put his finger on the pulse of Americana. What's more American than a Harley Davidson cruising down Route 66?
When younger, Authouart was a biker. Always having loved motorcycles, whenever seeing a beautiful bike, he can't resist sketching it. It has always been his dream to cruise on the legendary Route 66.
In this image we see, in the center of the lithograph, Route 66 boundlessly going into the distance of the eternal countryside. This is in sharp contrast to the motorcycles - Fatboys, Heritages, Springers, etc... - that have been brought to this garage in various stages of disrepair. This concept and reminder of the ephemeral existence of our lives, and especially of our material possessions, is often repeated in Authouart's work.
At the very center of the picture is a rider - Authouart? - getting ready to embark on a life of adventure.

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