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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 30 1/4" x 45 1/2"
  Edition size: 300
  Numbered Proofs: 51
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 19
  Total Edition size: 370
  Number of colors: 22
  Year printed: 2007
  Atelier: Arts-Litho, Paris
  Current Price: $ 1640
On the corner of 46th street and 8th avenue in New York City, there used to reside, McHale's Bar and Restaurant
Authouart has been coming to New York for many years. He loves the city and all that it represents. One of his passions about New York is little establishments, like McHale's, that exude character and are not without an element of seediness. Little changed at McHales over the years. With it's typical fifties façade made of aluminum and blue panels, with it's semi destroyed green and red neon signs, it doesn't take much of a leap of imagination to envision a film noir tough guy with a voluptuous blonde on his arm coming out of McHale's. If fact, the bar was used in several movie thrillers.
Every time he was in New York, Authouart would make a point to visit McHale's. Years ago Authouart and I were walking down the street and he said "Come with me, Felix. I'll take you to a crazy, dirty place where we can sit and have a beer and have the worst hamburger in New York City." While in New York with his wife Geneviève, in July of 2006, he suggested a visit to McHale's. When they arrived at the corner of 46th and 8th, they found only a building site.
Back in his studio in France, Authouart took out and reviewed all of his sketches, drawings and gouaches made of the bar over the years and decided to pay a final homage to McHale's Bar.
Authouart prepares his canvas or drawing paper by first drawing a series of comic strips that tell a story. He then creates the main image on top of the comic strips. Policierotic represents a story entitled Crime Does Not Pay... It is a hot humid August night. A beautiful woman is kidnapped and her captor is threatening to violate her... a story not hard to imagine happening in the vicinity of McHale's Bar.

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