Private Investigation

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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 19" x 25 1/2"
  Edition size: 175
  Numbered Proofs: 37
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 25
  Total Edition size: 237
  Number of colors: 16
  Year printed: 1992
  Atelier: Arts-Litho, Paris
  Current Price: $ 1095
In February of 1992, Authouart and his family moved into a new home - a renovated schoolhouse. As the mover was carrying the television out of the old house, Authouart asked him if he liked it. When the mover said "yes", he told him to keep it. It was the beginning of a new time for them.
Now, every day, Authouart goes to bed early to get a good nights sleep. Invariably, before bed, he reads detective novels purchased at flea markets. These novels set the stage for his dreams. The plots of the novels and his own dreams often become subjects for his work. Bright and early the next morning he is in his studio working on a painting. He works from his collection of sketches.
Authouart has drawers and drawers full of sketches to reference when painting. Wherever he goes, he is never, without a sketchbook. He sketches on the street, in bars, hotels and throughout his travels. When a novel or a dream gives him an idea for a painting, he goes to his sketches and incorporates them into the painting.
Authouart's wife was the model for the young lady in the red dress in Private Investigation

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