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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 26 3/4" x 22 3/4"
  Edition size: 175
  Numbered Proofs: 27
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 12
  Total Edition size: 214
  Number of colors: 12
  Year printed: 1984
  Atelier: Michel Cassé, Paris
  Current Price: $ 3000 Last price on secondary mkt.
Already twenty-five years.....
Like everybody else in his generation, Authouart remembers all too well where he was when he first heard of John Lennon's assassination.
To make this painting, Authouart bought the newspapers from several countries that proclaimed the tragedy.
The newspapers and magazines outside the newspaper shop garishly tell the story of John's death the day after. The seller, appearing as a teenage Lennon, is 25 years younger than John and doesn't seem too concerned with the bad news. He is playing his harmonica and isn't interested in anything else. - Perhaps he is from a different generation.

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