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  Medium: hand-pulled lithograph
  Image size: 23 1/2" x 31 3/8"
  Edition size: 250
  Numbered Proofs: 35
  Non-Numbered Proofs: 25
  Total Edition size: 310
  Number of colors: 15
  Year printed: 1999
  Atelier: Arts-Litho, Paris
  Current Price: $ 1095
Authouart was born in Lillebonne, France and grew up in nearby Le Havre. One of his first sojourns to the cinema, at age 6, was to the Eden cinema in Bolbec, also nearby. His memories of the event are precise. It was very near the time of his father's death.
Forty-five years later, in the summer of 1995, Authouart returned to the Eden . Now dark and somber, having been closed for 20 years, many of the treasures inside still remain: wooden, red leatherette seats, many carved with mysterious initials and hearts pierced with cupid's arrow, tickets that sold for 1.90 NF, empty film reels, a 1956 calendar, remains of old movie posters and much more. At the cinema Eden, Authouart spent several days drawing. Many of these treasures found their way into this litho along with some of the bric-a-brac that has become dear to Authouart.
Since 1976, when Authouart first realized these beautiful old theaters were slowly disappearing and being replaced by the more efficient multiplex, he has always taken his sketchbook with him when going to the movies.

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